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Agility is a sport where dog and handler teams work together to negotiate an obstacle course in a race against both time and accuracy. Dogs run off leash, without a collar or harness, and no food or toys are allowed in the competition ring. The handler can not touch the dog or any of the obstacles in the ring. The sport tests both the bond between the dog and handler and their training where the handler must direct the dog using their voice, movement, and various body positions and cues.

A judge stands in the middle of the ring watching the team navigate their way around the obstacle course. The obstacles are placed in an order designed by the judge and obstacles can include jumps, tunnels, weave poles, table, a-frame, dog walk, and teeter. The courses involve several turns and different sequences, so it is not possible for the dog to know the correct course without the direction of the handler. The dog and handler team with the fastest time with the least amount of faults wins the round.

Any breed or size of dog (including mixed breeds) can train and compete in agility. There are different divisions based on the height of the dog (jumps are lower for smaller dogs, and higher for taller dogs).

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