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The first agility classes started in Fredericton in 2001. Terry Pye, a local dog enthusiast, was able to get the dog sport started in the capital region by arranging the first classes and purchasing agility equipment. He also hosted classes at his facility on Tripp Settlement Road. As interest in this exciting dog sport grew, handlers and dogs needed more room to perfect their skills, so classes soon moved across the road to the Sharpe property.

As more people joined in the agility classes, the need for an official agility club in the area quickly became apparent. In 2003 the club was formed and named in honor of Terry for his tremendous contribution: Pye K9 Kapers. Terry was one of the first presidents of the club and was awarded a lifetime membership in 2009.

Some of the earliest members include: Jeri Piercy and her dogs Bailey and Newman, Elizabeth Wilson and her dog Dawson, Maureen Clements and her dogs Cubby and Chanti, and Terry Pye.

In 2011 the Kapers moved from the field on Tripp Settlement Road to its current location on Route 105 in Keswick where they hold agility trials and teach classes from May to November.

The club currently has more than 25 active members who train and trial dogs throughout the maritimes and across Canada, competing successfully every year at regional and national events.

All dogs new to the sport start in Foundation classes where they learn the basics of agility, and progress their skills throughout the summer and fall. Classes are taught by head instructor Jeri Piercy, and her daughter Erin. Jeri has been teaching agility since 2004 and regularly attends seminars from top agility competitors and instructors from across the country. All breeds of dogs are welcome to attend classes. There are no prerequisites, only a willingness to learn new things and have fun! To learn more about the Kapers class offerings please check out the Classes page.

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