It is a requirement that all members have experience training in the sport of agility. If you're new to agility, classes are the best place to start to ensure the safety of all handlers and dogs. Our classes start in the Spring each year for new students. If you are new to the sport of dog agility, please check out our contact page for details about how to contact us.

Membership Benefits
  • Camaraderie and support from fellow Kaper enthusiasts.

  • Access to training field with AAC approved equipment

  • A forum to share expertise and information.

  • Access to publications

  • Access to practice agility with others who share similar interests.

  • Information on upcoming agility trials and competitions.

  • Be a part of hosting a Kapers agility trial.

  • Early registration for seminars given to Kaper club members.

  • Attendance to Kaper club social events.

  • Your dog’s photo(s) and biography seen on the web site.


Individual Membership $60.00

Family Membership $85.00

Please Note

The equipment is available for members’ use anytime at the field or barn during non-scheduled classes or lessons. On occasion private classes will be given during non-scheduled hours, so please understand that these individuals will have priority for that period only.

Please report broken, damaged or malfunctioning equipment to Steve Bobbitt or Jeri Piercy immediately so that the equipment can be repaired quickly and be put back to use as soon as possible.

Please remember to abide by all of the K9 Kaper rules, such as cleaning up after your dog, the proper use of equipment, etc…  Most importantly, spectators are welcome and encouraged but please do not allow them to use the equipment.